Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Question 3

Today we can see some banks either international or local banks provide these service-for-fee offerings. These are done by internet banking providing several services via using the internet for example HSBC internet banking provides payment for AIA insurance whereas BIBD and BAIDURI bank provides from internet banking bill payment for DST.

Other possible service-fee-offerings could be payment for buying goods online or via facebook. We can see now many facebook accounts has been made for selling goods that needs a deposit or full payment such as foods, baby clothes, sports jersey etc. These facebook users should register as a company and create an account with their faceebook name and delivery of these goods can be made via local post office.. With this,the facebook user can easily monitor their payment and to be secured. However with this services costs of products can be increased and they will be service charges.

Another possible service-for-fee offerings is purchasing top up cards from B-Moblie or DST, power electric card or i-tunes gift cards by using internet banking. By using this type of services, people does not have to drive to a nearest shop to purchase these cards. They can easily purchase using internet banking. However these can create a problem with retail shops when most of their business comes from people who wants to purchase these cards but at the same time they will purchase other goods.

All the International Bank provide internet banking services example for all bill payment. Facebook is one of the example website that selling goods. We can purchase top up cards, Power electric card and  i-tunes gift card by using  internet.

Question 4

For a website that sells products it is very important so that sales can be made and also able to increase in sales. This website must meet the needs and wants of a customer. By creating a website that is very informative on its product features such as giving a clear and concise description of the products by showing a clear picture, a video demonstration, size –width, length, dimension etc the customer will understand and more confident on what product they intend to buy and thus does not need to see it in person.

It is also important for ease of doing business; the design of the website should be designed creatively depending on what the websites offers. For example if a website sells cooked food online thus it should be colour in red because red symbolise hungry. The website should also be clearly organized, easy to navigate and not to be non-user friendly. It should be organized in order and clearly labelled. The link button should be accessible if not a customer can be frustrated and go to other similar website.

It can be concluded that by creating a customer eccentric website it should be kept it mind that the needs and wants of customer is important. Thus it is all about meeting a need better than anyone else.

Question 5

Mass media is in the form of newspapers, tv, radio, advertisement. The advantages of using mass media is that it can reach a large number of people in a short number of time. Thus Information is readily available and are quickly broadcasted. However there are disadvantages such as the misinterpretation of the product could be unclear and misleading message on the product can create a misunderstanding.

Advantages of using personal contact to sell the fishing rod is that the seller knows well about the customer and has the potential of selling a fishing rod. However the disadvantages is that it cannot reach the whole public and not all of the personal contact of the seller is interested on buying the fishing rod.

By using the website on selling the fishing rod,the seller can easily explain on the features of the fishing rod, the size and length of the rod and the seller can also show a clear picture of the rod.Another advantages is that the customer does not have to drive or walk on a long distance to see the fishing rod. However using this can be a disadvantage such as not able to hold the fishing rod thus the customer are not able to know if it is suitable for the customer. Another disadvantage is for customer that is a new user and does not know how to use a fishing rod.


For conclusion, selling products depends on the nature of the product, whether it is suitable to sell by using either by mass media or by personal contact or by using the website. It can be seen that these types on how to sell products has its advantages and disadvantages.

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